SuCaLess Golden Syrup

SuCaLess Golden Syrup

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SuCaLess Golden Syrup

A sugarless syrup sound too good to be true?

Well, SuCaLess Zero Golden Syrup is here to prove you can have it all.

It derived from wheat and sugarcane extracts and made of high-intensity sucralose and maltitol, this syrup has 3.5 times the sweetness of normal sugar yet has 86% lower calories, NO artificial coloring and NO artificial flavoring. Through out proprietary technology and processes, our syrup also has a superior taste profile and is a high-quality liquid sweetener that is suitable for health-conscious individuals. 

Enjoy superior flavors with absolutely ZERO sugar NOW!

  • Made from wheat and sugarcane extract
  • NO Sugar, NO artificial coloring & flavouring
  • Low Calories & Low Glycemic Load
  • Suitable for health and weight-conscious individuals
  • Superior flavor profile
  • Suitable for all forms of cooking, baking, serving with pancake, BBQ, and etc
  • Suitable  for pregnant mother, kids, diet and diabetic friendly

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